Synonyms for ablation

Grammar : Noun
Spell : a-bley-shuh n
Phonetic Transcription : æˈbleɪ ʃən

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Définition of ablation

Origin :
  • early 15c., from Latin ablationem (nominative ablatio), "a taking away," noun of action from past participle stem of auferre "to carry away," from ab- "off" (see ab-) + ferre (past participle latum; see oblate) "to bear."
  • As in excision : noun extraction
  • As in wear and tear : noun devaluation due to use
Example sentences :
  • When this is impracticable, ablation of the tonsil may be necessary.
  • Extract from : « A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II » by Various
  • Besides being a beacon for sledging parties, it was used for ablation measurements.
  • Extract from : « The Home of the Blizzard » by Douglas Mawson
  • Further still, in those things which consist in ablation, the straight is as the flat nose; for it subsists with the continued.
  • Extract from : « Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2 » by Charles Dudley Warner
  • In practice this penalty of death appears to have been sometimes commuted to ablation of the sexual organs.
  • Extract from : « Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6) » by Havelock Ellis
  • Ablation may in such a case account for almost the whole of the snow removed.
  • Extract from : « The Andes of Southern Peru » by Isaiah Bowman
  • Excessive connective-tissue growth, exceptionally met with, is to be treated by ablation with the scissors or knife.
  • Extract from : « Essentials of Diseases of the Skin » by Henry Weightman Stelwagon
  • The fracture of the bones or the ablation of a limb is often observed on animals which have been struck.
  • Extract from : « Thunder and Lightning » by Camille Flammarion
  • The first step towards this assurance is the ablation of the chronic Shaksperian comparison.
  • Extract from : « Life of Robert Browning » by William Sharp
  • Each year there must be a very slow sinking of the surface, but the ablation is infinitesimal.
  • Extract from : « The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays » by J. (John) Joly
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