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Grammar : Noun
Spell : seyf-tee
Phonetic Transcription : ˈseɪf ti

Definition of safety

Origin :
  • early 14c., from Old French sauvete "safety, safeguard; salvation; security, surety," earlier salvetet (11c., Modern French sauveté), from Medieval Latin salvitatem (nominative salvitas) "safety," from Latin salvus (see safe (adj.)). Meaning "trigger-lock on a gun" is attested from 1881.
  • As a North American football position, first recorded 1931. As a type of score against one's own team, 1881. Safety-valve, which diminishes the risk of explosion, is from 1797; figurative sense recorded from 1818. Safety-net in literal sense (in machinery) by 1916, later of aerial circus performances (1920s); figurative use by 1950. Safety-first as an accident-prevention slogan first recorded 1873.
  • noun protection from harm
Example sentences :
  • But can the safety of the state be secured by merely excluding the vicious poor?
  • Extract from : « Philothea » by Lydia Maria Child
  • Then there was another stream to cross, which was also passed in safety.
  • Extract from : « Harriet, The Moses of Her People » by Sarah H. Bradford
  • They looked after the safety of the roads and the waterways.
  • Extract from : « Ancient Man » by Hendrik Willem van Loon
  • We are now in safety again, and to-morrow being Sunday we will rest.
  • Extract from : « Explorations in Australia » by John Forrest
  • These only becloud, they do not help to point the way of safety and honor.
  • Extract from : « United States Presidents' Inaugural Speeches » by Various
  • I could see and hear all that was going on, and trembled for my safety.
  • Extract from : « Biography of a Slave » by Charles Thompson
  • They may have been removed there from the abbey for safety at the time of the dissolution.
  • Extract from : « Yorkshire Painted And Described » by Gordon Home
  • She had nearly said a place of safety, but checked herself in time.
  • Extract from : « Ester Ried Yet Speaking » by Isabella Alden
  • Down swooped the great cog into the narrow channel which was the portal to safety.
  • Extract from : « The White Company » by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • God's object at that time was not the safety of the Jews, but vengeance.
  • Extract from : « A Theological-Political Treatise [Part IV] » by Benedict of Spinoza

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