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Grammar : Noun
Spell : ih-myoo-ni-tee
Phonetic Transcription : ɪˈmyu nɪ ti

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Définition of immunity

Origin :
  • late 14c., "exempt from service or obligation," from Old French immunité and directly from Latin immunitatem (nominative immunitas) "exemption from performing public service or charge," from immunis "exempt, free," from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + munis "performing services" (cf. municipal), from PIE *moi-n-es-, suffixed form of root *mei- "to change" (see mutable). Medical sense "protection from disease" is 1879, from French or German.
  • noun privilege, exemption
Example sentences :
  • One must, it seems, be young to enjoy this nineteenth-century immunity.
  • Extract from : « Roden's Corner » by Henry Seton Merriman
  • After the Austrian war, an act of “immunity” was passed, in his behalf.
  • Extract from : « Blood and Iron » by John Hubert Greusel
  • A billion dollars and immunity to cut off the outer dome of force.
  • Extract from : « Invasion » by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • Is it not a feature of our age that none can claim privilege nor immunity?
  • Extract from : « Gerald Fitzgerald » by Charles James Lever
  • How many a coward stab would be given in the shadow of that immunity!
  • Extract from : « The Fortunes Of Glencore » by Charles James Lever
  • He had found his destiny and submitted to it, after a long period of immunity.
  • Extract from : « Shoulder-Straps » by Henry Morford
  • No warfare interferes with the immunity of their persons or property.
  • Extract from : « Byeways in Palestine » by James Finn
  • Offer him immunity if he will tell you all he knows—and I suspect that is a good deal.
  • Extract from : « A Woman for Mayor » by Helen M. Winslow
  • Even this obtained for him neither complaisance nor immunity from abuse.
  • Extract from : « The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Volume 1 » by John Charles Dent
  • You can imagine the longing to be like other men—to presume on the years of immunity.
  • Extract from : « The Crooked House » by Brandon Fleming

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