Antonyms for objurgations

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ob-jer-geyt, uh b-jur-geyt
Phonetic Transcription : ˈɒb dʒərˌgeɪt, əbˈdʒɜr geɪt

Definition of objurgations

Origin :
  • 1610s, from Latin obiurgatus, past participle of obiurgare "to chide, rebuke," from ob- (see ob-) + iurgare "to quarrel, scold," from phrase iure agere "to deal in a lawsuit," from ablative of ius "right; law; suit" (see just (adj.)) + agere "to do, act, set in motion" (see act (n.)). Related: Objurgatory.
  • As in rebuke : noun reprimand; harsh criticism
  • As in blame : noun condemnation
  • As in tongue-lashing : noun reprimand
  • As in reprehension : noun blame
  • As in reprobation : noun blame
Example sentences :
  • I feared her remonstrances, her railleries, her objurgations, her tears.
  • Extract from : « The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard » by Anatole France
  • With objurgations the captain and lieutenant coaxed them again to the left.
  • Extract from : « At Plattsburg » by Allen French
  • Personal collisions, blows, objurgations, came thicker and faster.
  • Extract from : « Mlle. Fouchette » by Charles Theodore Murray
  • There had been a murmur of voices through the thick oak, and then shouts and objurgations.
  • Extract from : « The Fifth Queen » by Ford Madox Ford
  • But to all remarks, remonstrances, and objurgations, the superintendent was adamant.
  • Extract from : « The Log of a Sea-Waif » by Frank T. Bullen
  • And it was I who meekly received the objurgations of porters and guard.
  • Extract from : « The Ghost » by Arnold Bennett
  • He continued to call the farmers, despite Ward's objurgations.
  • Extract from : « The Skipper and the Skipped » by Holman Day
  • Already, it appeared, the hotel rang with objurgations of it, and him.
  • Extract from : « V. V.'s Eyes » by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • It might have been very amusing, but unluckily we came in for our share of the blows and objurgations.
  • Extract from : « Seven and Nine years Among the Camanches and Apaches » by Edwin Eastman
  • Uproar and broken sentences, threats, oaths, and objurgations sounded through the room.
  • Extract from : « The World For Sale, Complete » by Gilbert Parker

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