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Grammar : Verb
Spell : oh-bey
Phonetic Transcription : oʊˈbeɪ

Definition of obeying

Origin :
  • late 13c., from Old French obeir "obey, be obedient, do one's duty" (12c.), from Latin obedire, oboedire "obey, be subject, serve; pay attention to, give ear," literally "listen to," from ob "to" (see ob-) + audire "listen, hear" (see audience). Same sense development is in cognate Old English hiersumnian. Related: Obeyed; obeying.
  • verb conform, give in
Example sentences :
  • Obeying a quick impulse, Percival stepped to the curb as she came opposite to him.
  • Extract from : « The Spenders » by Harry Leon Wilson
  • It is a delight to atone for a fault by obeying your commands.
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • He gave me generally to understand that he was only obeying a custom of Modern Society.
  • Extract from : « Alarms and Discursions » by G. K. Chesterton
  • A honouring and obeying wife would let his trade alone altogether.
  • Extract from : « A Tale of Two Cities » by Charles Dickens
  • He had been told to sweep out and dust, and he was obeying orders.
  • Extract from : « The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys » by Gulielma Zollinger
  • "There isn't anybody to see you," Mrs. Adams explained, obeying.
  • Extract from : « Alice Adams » by Booth Tarkington
  • You seem to be obeying something outside—which you're quite sure of.
  • Extract from : « The Coryston Family » by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • As this was an order, the mate did not scruple about obeying it.
  • Extract from : « Homeward Bound » by James Fenimore Cooper
  • If I feel satisfied that my duty is done, you should rejoice in obeying me.
  • Extract from : « Graham's Magazine Vol. XXXII No. 2. February 1848 » by Various
  • Yet "though it's dull at whiles," there is joy in the doing of it, there is joy in just obeying.
  • Extract from : « Things as They Are » by Amy Wilson-Carmichael

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