Antonyms for nutrimental

Grammar : Adj
Spell : noo-truh-muh nt, nyoo-
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnu trə mənt, ˈnyu-

Definition of nutrimental

Origin :
  • 1540s, from Latin nutrimentum "nourishment; support," from nutrire "to nourish, suckle, feed," from PIE *nu-tri-, from root *(s)nau- "to swim, flow, let flow," hence "to suckle" (cf. Sanskrit snauti "she drips, gives milk;" Greek nan "I flow"), extended form of root *sna- "to swim" (see natatorium).
  • As in nourishing : adj healthful
  • As in nutritious : adj healthy
  • As in nutritive : adj pertaining to food
Example sentences :
  • As to old hard fibre, we are not in a position to say whether or not it possesses any nutrimental value worth taking into account.
  • Extract from : « The Stock-Feeder's Manual » by Charles Alexander Cameron
  • The hostess must also, of course, direct the nutrimental as well as the conversational process of the feast.
  • Extract from : « Missy » by Dana Gatlin
  • Thus a portion of the elements of manure and nutrimental matter passes into the living bodies without being entirely subdued.
  • Extract from : « The American Reformed Cattle Doctor » by George Dadd

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