Antonyms for noxiousness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : nok-shuhs
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɒk ʃəs

Definition of noxiousness

Origin :
  • c.1500, from Latin noxius "hurtful, injurious," from noxa "injury, hurt, damage entailing liability" (related to nocere "to hurt," and to nex "slaughter"), from PIE *nek-ro-, causative form of root *nek- "death" (see necro-).
  • As in lethality : noun fatality
  • As in vulgarism : noun corruption
  • As in corruption : noun adulteration
  • As in fatality : noun death, loss; ability to cause such
  • As in harm : noun injury, evil
Example sentences :
  • He has had great success with women and therein lies his noxiousness.
  • Extract from : « Why we should read » by S. P. B. Mais
  • The element which I breathed appeared to have stagnated into noxiousness and putrefaction.
  • Extract from : « Arthur Mervyn » by Charles Brockden Brown

Synonyms for noxiousness

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