Antonyms for non-material

Grammar : Adj
Spell : non-muh-teer-ee-uh l
Phonetic Transcription : ˌnɒn məˈtɪər i əl

Definition of non-material

  • As in metaphysical : adj not physical; without physical presence
  • As in spiritual : adj religious, otherworldly
  • As in bodiless : adj incorporeal
  • As in nonphysical : adj immaterial
  • As in numinous : adj spiritual
  • As in unbodied : adj immaterial
  • As in uncorporal : adj immaterial
  • As in immaterial : adj not existing in physical form
Example sentences :
  • On the non-material side the city has made a progress even more remarkable.
  • Extract from : « Historic Towns of the Western States » by Various
  • On the non-material side the similarities between the groups are even more marked.
  • Extract from : « The Wild Tribes of Davao District, Mindanao » by Fay-Cooper Cole
  • The fact is that we are only able to argue conclusively that, besides the physical form, we have a non-material soul, or a self.
  • Extract from : « Creation and Its Records » by B.H. Baden-Powell
  • Man is essentially one; but there is both a material and a non-material, a physical and a spiritual element, in the one nature.
  • Extract from : « Creation and Its Records » by B.H. Baden-Powell
  • Gabriel Tarde has pointed out that money may function as a measure of non-material goods through gifts, public subscriptions, etc.
  • Extract from : « The Value of Money » by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
  • How then, asked his opponents, could the individual exist in the non-material world?
  • Extract from : « The Grey Friars in Oxford » by Andrew G. Little
  • What is the significance of material and non-material cultural elements for the study of race contact and intermixture?
  • Extract from : « Introduction to the Science of Sociology » by Robert E. Park
  • For every £1 paid as income an equivalent quantity of material or non-material wealth has been already created.
  • Extract from : « The Evolution of Modern Capitalism » by John Atkinson Hobson
  • From the earliest days of history we find records of strange and marvelous cures effected by non-material agents.
  • Extract from : « Mind and Body » by William Walker Atkinson
  • It takes a material thing and makes it stand for the non-material thing which it is too weak to grasp.
  • Extract from : « A Critical History of Greek Philosophy » by W. T. Stace

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