Antonyms for non-compliance

Grammar : Noun
Spell : non-kuh m-plahy-uh ns
Phonetic Transcription : ˌnɒn kəmˈplaɪ əns

Definition of non-compliance

Origin :
  • also noncompliance, 1680s, from non- + compliance. Related: Noncompliant.
  • As in insubordination : noun disobedience
  • As in nonconformity : noun belief, behavior different from most
  • As in refusal : noun denial of responsibility; unwillingness
  • As in breach : noun violation of a law
  • As in noncompliance : noun nonconformity
  • As in turndown : noun refusal
Example sentences :
  • Pansy looked at her in wonder; but wonder with Pansy had never been a reason for non-compliance.
  • Extract from : « The Portrait of a Lady » by Henry James
  • For non-compliance with notice for the construction of drains, privies, &c., 10s.
  • Extract from : « Cooley's Practical Receipts, Volume II » by Arnold Cooley
  • His non-compliance forfeited his life, for he was shot off it like a crow.
  • Extract from : « Norfolk Annals » by Charles Mackie
  • East side, non-compliance; street bad and narrow, and to the east of the road.
  • Extract from : « Toronto of Old » by Henry Scadding
  • If you seem not to question the possibility of non-compliance, he feels a trust committed to him to keep and fulfils it.
  • Extract from : « Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 » by Augustus J. C. Hare
  • Don't they already think that your non-compliance with their odious measures is owing a good deal to my advice?
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson
  • The greater endowment in memory and reason entailed a too fatally added hate on non-compliance.
  • Extract from : « Social Origins and Primal Law » by Andrew Lang
  • Miss Pritchett was enjoying herself too much to risk the girl's non-compliance with her mood.
  • Extract from : « A Lost Cause » by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
  • A non-compliance was almost invariably the result of State deliberations, and hence the feebleness of the old Confederation.
  • Extract from : « Abridgement of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856 (4 of 16 vol.) » by Various
  • Non-compliance with this order will lead to disciplinary action being taken.
  • Extract from : « With the Judans in the Palestine Campaign » by J. H. (John Henry) Patterson

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