Antonyms for nestlings

Grammar : Noun
Spell : nest-ling, nes-ling
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɛst lɪŋ, ˈnɛs lɪŋ

Definition of nestlings

Origin :
  • late 14c., "bird too young to leave the nest," from nest (n.) + diminutive suffix -ling.
  • As in child : noun very young person
  • As in tot : noun child
  • As in fledgling : noun beginner in activity
Example sentences :
  • And the belated blackbird paused on the way to its nestlings.
  • Extract from : « Poems » by William D. Howells
  • Crows and sparrows were busy with breakfast for their nestlings.
  • Extract from : « The Dragon Painter » by Mary McNeil Fenollosa
  • The distress of parents, the panic of nestlings, give me no pleasure.
  • Extract from : « A Bird-Lover in the West » by Olive Thorne Miller
  • Possibly there were nestlings in that snug and inaccessible home.
  • Extract from : « A Bird-Lover in the West » by Olive Thorne Miller
  • There is a time for nestlings—and a time for great migratory flights.
  • Extract from : « Child and Country » by Will Levington Comfort
  • Somehow, Jolly Robin managed to eat more than the rest of the nestlings.
  • Extract from : « The Tale of Jolly Robin » by Arthur Scott Bailey
  • The urchin in the enemy's tree was not the most unfortunate of the nestlings.
  • Extract from : « In Nesting Time » by Olive Thorne Miller
  • It was then freed, and was three hours before it found its way back to its nestlings.
  • Extract from : « Poachers and Poaching » by John Watson
  • The nestlings had eels, skinks, and insects in their stomachs.
  • Extract from : « The Avifauna of Micronesia, Volume 3 » by Rollin H. Baker
  • The parent birds did not appear ever to bring water to the nestlings.
  • Extract from : « Glimpses of Indian Birds » by Douglas Dewar

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