Antonyms for negates

Grammar : Verb
Spell : ni-geyt, neg-eyt
Phonetic Transcription : nɪˈgeɪt, ˈnɛg eɪt

Definition of negates

Origin :
  • 1795 (with an isolated use from 1620s), back-formation from negation, or else from Latin negatus, past participle of negare. Related: Negated; negates; negating.
  • verb contradict, countermand
Example sentences :
  • The necessity which acts and negates in it, that is to say, is yet of one substance with both the agents.
  • Extract from : « Oxford Lectures on Poetry » by Andrew Cecil Bradley
  • It negates the object propounded, which is the general education of the boy on lines in which the father believes.
  • Extract from : « Liberalism » by L. T. Hobhouse
  • Because State and society do not suffice for humane liberalism, it negates both, and at the same time retains them.
  • Extract from : « The Ego and His Own » by Max Stirner

Synonyms for negates

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