Antonyms for nativities

Grammar : Noun
Spell : nuh-tiv-i-tee, ney-
Phonetic Transcription : nəˈtɪv ɪ ti, neɪ-

Definition of nativities

Origin :
  • c.1200, from Old French nativité "birth" (12c.), from Late Latin nativitatem (nominative nativitas) "birth," from Latin nativus "born, native" (see native (adj.)). Late Old English had nativiteð, from earlier Old French nativited.
  • As in origin : noun beginning, inception
  • As in birth : noun becoming alive
  • As in childbirth : noun giving birth
  • As in lying-in : noun birth
  • As in cradle : noun early childhood; origins
  • As in creation : noun development of entity
Example sentences :
  • He had favored his friends with not a few horoscopes and nativities, when pressed to do so.
  • Extract from : « The Golden Dog » by William Kirby
  • He knew all there was to know about them, their nativities and their antecedents.
  • Extract from : « Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas » by Raphael Aloysius Lafferty
  • In men's nativities the Moon must be chiefly considered in regard to marriage.
  • Extract from : « The Influence of the Stars » by Rosa Baughan
  • Both his Florentine "Nativities" are as awkward and clumsy in design as could be.
  • Extract from : « Filippo Lippi » by Paul G. Konody
  • Arch-genethliac: a genethliac is a calculator of nativities—an astrologer.
  • Extract from : « The Browning Cyclopdia » by Edward Berdoe
  • We are astronomers, and know the mystery of the heavens and the nativities.
  • Extract from : « The Wolf's Long Howl » by Stanley Waterloo
  • Spells and enchantments, conjurations, calculations of nativities, were matters earnestly investigated at Universities and Courts.
  • Extract from : « German Culture Past and Present » by Ernest Belfort Bax
  • In nativities, they seem to consider them as indices; but, in horary questions, as causes.
  • Extract from : « A Morning's Walk from London to Kew » by Richard Phillips
  • The two nuns might be missing between the Nativities, and be found at last with a child seated between them.
  • Extract from : « Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) » by Isaac D'Israeli
  • For the determination of future events, omens were studied, entrails inspected, and nativities were cast.
  • Extract from : « History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume I (of 2) » by John William Draper

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