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Grammar : Noun
Spell : in-truh-duhk-shuh n
Phonetic Transcription : ˌɪn trəˈdʌk ʃən

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Définition of introduction

Origin :
  • late 14c., "act of bringing into existence," from Old French introduccion and directly from Latin introductionem (nominative introductio) "a leading in," noun of action from past participle stem of introducere "to lead in, bring in, to introduce," from intro- "inward, to the inside" (see intro-) + ducere "to lead" (see duke (n.)). Meaning "initial instruction in a subject; an introductory statement" is mid-15c. The sense of "formal presentation of one person to another" is from 1711.
  • noun something new; something that begins
Example sentences :
  • One purpose of this introduction is to prepare the reader for such a shock.
  • Extract from : « The Conquest of Fear » by Basil King
  • After much contriving, she secured an introduction to that young man.
  • Extract from : « Within the Law » by Marvin Dana
  • The letter of introduction being, of course, an open one, we read it.
  • Extract from : « The Roof of France » by Matilda Betham-Edwards
  • He will carry this note himself, which is to serve as an introduction to you, with whom he longs to be acquainted.
  • Extract from : « Lady Susan » by Jane Austen
  • Kingozi interposed in haste before the introduction of a new topic.
  • Extract from : « The Leopard Woman » by Stewart Edward White
  • The best that can happen will be the introduction of British manufacturers in their places.
  • Extract from : « Tales And Novels, Volume 4 (of 10) » by Maria Edgeworth
  • It was my first introduction to the American eagle screaming for all it was worth.
  • Extract from : « American Notes » by Rudyard Kipling
  • I thought I saw mum give him an introduction to you—but I guess I made a mistake.
  • Extract from : « Good Indian » by B. M. Bower
  • Nicholas looked on, quite amazed at the introduction of this new theme.
  • Extract from : « The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby » by Charles Dickens
  • It is characterised by the introduction of the pointed arch.
  • Extract from : « English Villages » by P. H. Ditchfield

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