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Grammar : Verb
Spell : stem
Phonetic Transcription : stɛm

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Définition of stemming

Origin :
  • Old English stemn, stefn "stem of a plant," also "either end-post of a ship," from Proto-Germanic *stamniz (cf. Old Saxon stamm, Old Norse stafn "stem of a ship;" Danish stamme, Swedish stam "trunk of a tree;" Old High German stam, German Stamm), from PIE root *sta- "to stand" (see stet).
  • Meaning "support of a wineglass" is from 1835. Stem-winding watches (1875) were advanced and desirable when introduced, hence slang stem-winder "excellent thing" (1892). The nautical sense is preserved in the phrase stem to stern "along the full length" (of a ship), attested from 1620s. The verbal phrase stems from, first recorded 1932, American English, translates German stammen aus, probably from a figurative sense represented by English stem (n.) in the sense of "stock of a family, line of descent" (c.1540; cf. family tree, and German stammvater "tribal ancestor," literally "stem-father"). Stem cell attested by 1885.
  • verb come from
  • verb prevent, stop
Example sentences :
  • And she, stemming her fears once more, ran to do his bidding.
  • Extract from : « St. Martin's Summer » by Rafael Sabatini
  • At last he was stemming the strong tide-rip off Brimstone Point.
  • Extract from : « Jim Spurling, Fisherman » by Albert Walter Tolman
  • After the bristles are ready, the next thing is to make the stemming.
  • Extract from : « The Ladies Book of Useful Information » by Anonymous
  • He went to the window and leaned out, stemming his hands on the sill.
  • Extract from : « Flamsted quarries » by Mary E. Waller
  • I left them stemming the gulf stream with a beautiful breeze.
  • Extract from : « The Cruise of the Midge (Vol. II of 2) » by Michael Scott
  • I tried to incline him to the calmer paths of life; but it was stemming a torrent.
  • Extract from : « The Pastor's Fire-side Vol. 1 (of 4) » by Jane Porter
  • You can now stop either by stemming alone or by stemming and turning.
  • Extract from : « How To Ski and How Not To » by Vivian Caulfeild
  • The term “stemming” may be used in several different senses.
  • Extract from : « How To Ski and How Not To » by Vivian Caulfeild
  • Her progress was slow, for she was now stemming the current.
  • Extract from : « Among Malay Pirates » by G. A. Henty
  • There was no stopping or stemming the sweep of the men of Munster.
  • Extract from : « The Irish on the Somme » by Michael MacDonagh

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