Synonyms for seafarer

Grammar : Noun
Spell : see-fair-er
Phonetic Transcription : ˈsiˌfɛər ər

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Définition of seafarer

Origin :
  • 1510s, from sea + agent noun from fare (n.). The Anglo-Saxon poem known by this name since at least 1842 was untitled in original MS.
  • noun sailor
Example sentences :
  • Kotzebue says that he was the first seafarer who visited the island.
  • Extract from : « The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II » by A.E. Nordenskieold
  • "For the crew it is," replied the seafarer gravely, again with the ghost of a wink.
  • Extract from : « The Wind in the Willows » by Kenneth Grahame
  • From the most ancient times they have been the friends of the seafarer!
  • Extract from : « South America To-day » by Georges Clemenceau
  • He was not dying like a seafarer who had fairly earned his reputation.
  • Extract from : « The Battle Of The Strong, Complete » by Gilbert Parker
  • There, by every nation, every seafarer, he will remain a shunned and abhorred Ishmael for all time.
  • Extract from : « Merchantmen-at-Arms » by David W. Bone
  • The wonderful poem of "The Seafarer" seems to be in two distinct parts.
  • Extract from : « English Literature » by William J. Long
  • It would be unfair to impute a monopoly of superstition to the seafarer.
  • Extract from : « Windjammers and Sea Tramps » by Walter Runciman
  • Then he arose quickly, like a seafarer who all at once seeth the land; and he shouted for joy: for he saw a new truth.
  • Extract from : « Thus Spake Zarathustra » by Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Another fine poem of this class, somewhat similar to the 'Wanderer,' is the 'Seafarer.'
  • Extract from : « Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2 » by Charles Dudley Warner
  • The seafarer sees it, and thinks that it is an island, and goes to arrive there to prepare his meal.
  • Extract from : « Myth-Land » by F. Edward Hulme
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