Synonyms for rudeness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : rood
Phonetic Transcription : rud

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Définition of rudeness

Origin :
  • late 13c., "coarse, rough" (of surfaces), from Old French ruide (13c.) or directly from Latin rudis "rough, crude, unlearned," perhaps related to rudus "rubble." Sense of "ill-mannered, uncultured; uneducated, uncultured" is from mid-14c. Rude boy (also rudie, for short) in Jamaican slang is attested from 1967. Figurative phrase rude awakening is attested from 1895.
  • noun impoliteness
  • noun insolence
Example sentences :
  • Trenton was amazed at the rudeness of this reply, and his face flushed with anger.
  • Extract from : « One Day's Courtship » by Robert Barr
  • I laughed, for I did not care to show myself offended with her rudeness.
  • Extract from : « Wilfrid Cumbermede » by George MacDonald
  • The rudeness of your whole behaviour this evening has been disgraceful.
  • Extract from : « Barnaby Rudge » by Charles Dickens
  • Her unparallel'd rudeness shall not compel me to leave the house, till I please.
  • Extract from : « The Politician Out-Witted » by Samuel Low
  • I hope, Theodorus, that I am not betrayed into rudeness by my love of conversation?
  • Extract from : « Theaetetus » by Plato
  • Margaret followed her to ask whether Henry knew about Miss Avery's rudeness.
  • Extract from : « Howards End » by E. M. Forster
  • Rudeness affected Margaret like a bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Extract from : « Howards End » by E. M. Forster
  • He must take what punishment I choose for his rudeness to me.
  • Extract from : « An Orkney Maid » by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  • He was rude, but it was not his rudeness that most annoyed her.
  • Extract from : « The Heart of Thunder Mountain » by Edfrid A. Bingham
  • The day was calm, the air soft, and all was rudeness, silence and solitude.
  • Extract from : « James Boswell » by William Keith Leask

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