Synonyms for peripatetic

Grammar : Adj
Spell : per-uh-puh-tet-ik
Phonetic Transcription : ˌpɛr ə pəˈtɛt ɪk

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Définition of peripatetic

Origin :
  • c.1400, "disciple of Aristotle," from Old French perypatetique (14c.), from Latin peripateticus "pertaining to the disciples or philosophy of Aristotle," from Greek peripatetikos "given to walking about" (especially while teaching), from peripatein "walk up and down, walk about," from peri- "around" (see peri-) + patein "to walk, tread" (see find (v.)). Aristotle's custom was to teach while strolling through the Lyceum in Athens. In English, the philosophical meaning is older than that of "person who wanders about" (1610s).
  • adj constantly traveling
Example sentences :
  • Evidently, from the description, it could be no other than the peripatetic Wulf.
  • Extract from : « A Royal Prisoner » by Pierre Souvestre
  • But how rarely nowadays do we see this peripatetic shoeblack!
  • Extract from : « The Perfect Gentleman » by Ralph Bergengren
  • Plato was the chief of the academic sect, and Aristotle of the peripatetic.
  • Extract from : « Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) » by Isaac D'Israeli
  • There was no catalogue, the smiling director forming a peripatetic one.
  • Extract from : « The American Egypt » by Channing Arnold
  • Inconvenience to the Peripatetic school from the loss of its library.
  • Extract from : « Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume I (of 4) » by George Grote
  • "I may be a peripatetic philosopher, for all you know," said Farr, teasingly.
  • Extract from : « The Landloper » by Holman Day
  • Very well, then; let them stop talking about the Peripatetic philosophers.
  • Extract from : « On the Natural Faculties » by Galen
  • But the peripatetic dealer was not to be repulsed at the first charge.
  • Extract from : « Over the Ocean » by Curtis Guild
  • The Peripatetic and the Stoic doctrines seem not to have appealed to the fair sex.
  • Extract from : « Greek Women » by Mitchell Carroll
  • And this peripatetic postures for the rest of his life as an authority on Spain!
  • Extract from : « Romantic Spain » by John Augustus O'Shea

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