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Grammar : Adj
Spell : pahrk
Phonetic Transcription : pɑrk

Définition of parked

Origin :
  • mid-13c., "enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase," from Old French parc "enclosed wood or heath land used as a game preserve" (12c.), probably ultimately from West Germanic *parruk "enclosed tract of land" (cf. Old English pearruc, root of paddock (n.2), Old High German pfarrih "fencing about, enclosure," German pferch "fold for sheep," Dutch park).
  • Internal evidence suggests the West Germanic word is pre-4c. and originally meant the fencing, not the place enclosed. Found also in Medieval Latin as parricus "enclosure, park" (8c.), which likely is the direct source of the Old French word, as well as Italian parco, Spanish parque, etc. Some claim the Medieval Latin word as the source of the West Germanic, but the reverse seems more likely. Some later senses in English represent later borrowings from French. OED discounts notion of a Celtic origin. Welsh parc, Gaelic pairc are from English.
  • Meaning "enclosed lot in or near a town, for public recreation" is first attested 1660s, originally in reference to London; the sense evolution is via royal parks in the original, hunting sense being overrun by the growth of London and being opened to the public. Applied to sporting fields in American English from 1867.
  • New York's Park Avenue as an adjective meaning "luxurious and fashionable" (1956) was preceded in the same sense by London's Park Lane (1880). As a surname, Parker "keeper of a park" is attested in English from mid-12c. As a vehicle transmission gear, park (n.) is attested from 1949.
  • adj stationed
Example sentences :
  • The little house was bustling; a dozen automobiles were parked in the barnyard.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Lights blazed in every window; a dozen automobiles were parked before the barn.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Seeing the crowd, Wilson drove directly to the yard and parked his machine.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Presently the roar of a motor came from the direction of the parked trucks.
  • Extract from : « The Solar Magnet » by Sterner St. Paul Meek
  • It is parked in the lane between Leland's house and the road.
  • Extract from : « Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930 » by Various
  • There was a tremendous pile of rocks resting where he'd parked his car.
  • Extract from : « Project Mastodon » by Clifford Donald Simak
  • The snooper was drifting aimlessly about, avoiding the parked vehicles.
  • Extract from : « The Cosmic Computer » by Henry Beam Piper
  • He had parked the Ford with its trailer attachment at the west end of the platform.
  • Extract from : « David Lannarck, Midget » by George S. Harney
  • At near the noon hour they parked in front of the National Bank in Cheyenne.
  • Extract from : « David Lannarck, Midget » by George S. Harney
  • I parked in the middle of an intersection, but I didn't think they'd mind.
  • Extract from : « Ten From Infinity » by Paul W. Fairman

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