Synonyms for pariah

Grammar : Noun
Spell : puh-rahy-uh
Phonetic Transcription : pəˈraɪ ə

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Définition of pariah

Origin :
  • 1610s, from Portuguese paria or directly from Tamil paraiyar, plural of paraiyan "drummer" (at festivals, the hereditary duty of members of the largest of the lower castes of southern India), from parai "large festival drum." "Especially numerous at Madras, where its members supplied most of the domestics in European service" [OED]. Applied by Hindus and Europeans to any members of low Hindu castes and even to outcastes. Extended meaning "social outcast" is first attested 1819.
  • noun social outcast
Example sentences :
  • An Artaud, their ancestor, had come hither and settled like a pariah in this waste.
  • Extract from : « Abbe Mouret's Transgression » by Emile Zola
  • Him did that Pariah's soul attract from heaven even to earth to save it.
  • Extract from : « Things as They Are » by Amy Wilson-Carmichael
  • No; he must himself warn Dom Diego that he was a leper—a pariah.
  • Extract from : « Dreamers of the Ghetto » by I. Zangwill
  • To be the Pariah of such a society was indeed a most distinctive infamy.
  • Extract from : « Confessions Of Con Cregan » by Charles James Lever
  • The barriers passed, your pariah gentleman can be the completest blackguard of them all.
  • Extract from : « The Yellow Claw » by Sax Rohmer
  • There is one pariah in our France of the present day, and that is the schoolmaster.
  • Extract from : « Napoleon the Little » by Victor Hugo
  • Prove to her by your demeanour that you consider her a slave, and she will become your pariah.
  • Extract from : « Vikram and the Vampire » by Richard F. Burton
  • I caught up the pariah and warmed its shivering body in my 329arms.
  • Extract from : « The Blue Wall » by Richard Washburn Child
  • If a chitty fails, he is driven out of the caste and becomes a pariah.
  • Extract from : « Tales of the Malayan Coast » by Rounsevelle Wildman
  • It was as though an elephant had been worried by a pariah cur.
  • Extract from : « Tales of the Malayan Coast » by Rounsevelle Wildman
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