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Grammar : Adj
Spell : muhn-deyn, muhn-deyn
Phonetic Transcription : mʌnˈdeɪn, ˈmʌn deɪn

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Définition of mundane

Origin :
  • mid-15c., "of this world," from Old French mondain "of this world, worldly, earthly, secular;" also "pure, clean; noble, generous" (12c.), from Late Latin mundanus "belonging to the world" (as distinct from the Church), in classical Latin "a citizen of the world, cosmopolite," from mundus "universe, world," literally "clean, elegant"; used as a translation of Greek khosmos (see cosmos) in its Pythagorean sense of "the physical universe" (the original sense of the Greek word was "orderly arrangement"). Latin mundus also was used of a woman's "ornaments, dress," and is related to the adjective mundus "clean, elegant" (used of women's dress, etc.). Related: Mundanely.
  • adj ordinary
Example sentences :
  • Let our men of mundane warfare do their best—it will be useless.
  • Extract from : « Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 » by Various
  • Mundane's name was in big letters, and you could just see mine with the naked eye.
  • Extract from : « Changing Winds » by St. John G. Ervine
  • Then, and not before, she may address herself to mundane things.
  • Extract from : « Ireland as It Is » by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
  • The boy looked up with his first gleam of interest in mundane things.
  • Extract from : « David Dunne » by Belle Kanaris Maniates
  • All mundane phenomena were inexplicably contorted that night.
  • Extract from : « A Great Man » by Arnold Bennett
  • Our opponents hold out for mundane origin of all black rains.
  • Extract from : « The Book of the Damned » by Charles Fort
  • Who can tell what are the limits which the Master of worlds has set to mundane calamity?
  • Extract from : « Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 453 » by Various
  • Mr. Pallzey saw that this Mundane Existence was not all Pleasure.
  • Extract from : « Ade's Fables » by George Ade
  • But in any event, it is wise not to think too much of these mundane things.
  • Extract from : « Days Off » by Henry Van Dyke
  • Mr. Sagittarius started, as if suddenly recalled to mundane matters.
  • Extract from : « The Prophet of Berkeley Square » by Robert Hichens

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