Synonyms for mix-up

Grammar : Noun
Spell : miks-uhp
Phonetic Transcription : ˈmɪksˌʌp

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Définition of mix-up

Origin :
  • "confusion," 1841, from mix (v.) + up.
  • noun confusion, misunderstanding
Example sentences :
  • It seemed as if I remember Warren and Pearson in some sort of mix-up.
  • Extract from : « Cap'n Warren's Wards » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • I saw you, and Phil, and Sing in a mix-up and I hurried along.
  • Extract from : « The Spoilers of the Valley » by Robert Watson
  • I was thrown down in the mix-up, but fortunately escaped unharmed.
  • Extract from : « Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail » by Ezra Meeker
  • It was my mix-up with that Blenmont aggregation that stirs me up.
  • Extract from : « Shorty McCabe » by Sewell Ford
  • It's been put up to me to keep time an' referee this mix-up, and I don't want no help.
  • Extract from : « Shorty McCabe » by Sewell Ford
  • "There was a good deal of a mix-up, somewhere," Dan announced, at once.
  • Extract from : « Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service » by H. Irving Hancock
  • Mr. Squirrel jumped, too, but he jumped for a limb of the tree and was not in the mix-up.
  • Extract from : « Sandman's Goodnight Stories » by Abbie Phillips Walker
  • You didn't figure on getting into a mix-up with a lot of wild animals, did you?
  • Extract from : « Boy Scouts in the Philippines » by G. Harvey Ralphson
  • Instantly there was a mix-up, with bellowing, plunging steers all about him.
  • Extract from : « The Pony Rider Boys in Texas » by Frank Gee Patchin
  • He was telling the Professor about your mix-up with Lumpy Bates.
  • Extract from : « The Pony Rider Boys in Texas » by Frank Gee Patchin

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