Synonyms for insolvent

Grammar : Adj
Spell : in-sol-vuhnt
Phonetic Transcription : ɪnˈsɒl vənt

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Définition of insolvent

Origin :
  • 1590s, "unable to pay one's debts," from in- (1) "not" + Latin solventem "paying" (see solvent). Originally of one who was not a trader; only traders could become bankrupt.
  • adj financially ruined
Example sentences :
  • It was quite as good as an Insolvent Act, and infinitely more genteel.
  • Extract from : « Barnaby Rudge » by Charles Dickens
  • The banking house of which he had been the head was insolvent.
  • Extract from : « The Rise of Roscoe Paine » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Let us suppose that the estate is insolvent and cannot pay all of its debts in full.
  • Extract from : « Up To Date Business » by Various
  • An insolvent debtor had spit in his face; he bore it smilingly.
  • Extract from : « Samuel Brohl & Company » by Victor Cherbuliez
  • It would not be long before he found out we were insolvent, and—defaulters.
  • Extract from : « The Mystery of Lincoln's Inn » by Robert Machray
  • If he collected every cent due him he would be just as insolvent.
  • Extract from : « Dominie Dean » by Ellis Parker Butler
  • Why should not the insolvent wind up, and the solvent pay up?
  • Extract from : « Thirty Years' View (Vol. II of 2) » by Thomas Hart Benton
  • But as fate would have it, he had to get himself declared as an Insolvent.
  • Extract from : « Chitta Ranjan » by Sukumar Ranjan Das
  • I should not have mentioned it to you if I had not thought that you were one of the insolvent yourself.
  • Extract from : « The Eustace Diamonds » by Anthony Trollope
  • At Mac's suggestion I bought an insolvent monthly, and began to remodel it.
  • Extract from : « The Nest Builder » by Beatrice Forbes-Robertson Hale

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