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Grammar : Noun
Spell : ahy-kon-uh-klast
Phonetic Transcription : aɪˈkɒn əˌklæst

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Définition of iconoclast

Origin :
  • "breaker or destroyer of images," 1590s, from French iconoclaste and directly from Medieval Latin iconoclastes, from Late Greek eikonoklastes, from eikon (genitive eikonos) "image" + klastes "breaker," from klas- past tense stem of klan "to break" (see clastic). Originally those in the Eastern Church in 8c. and 9c. whose mobs of followers destroyed icons and other religious objects on the grounds that they were idols. Applied to 16c.-17c. Protestants in Netherlands who vandalized former Catholic churches on similar grounds. Extended sense of "one who attacks orthodox beliefs or institutions" is first attested 1842.
  • noun detractor
Example sentences :
  • I am an iconoclast and have broken my god and cannot put together the pieces.
  • Extract from : « Outdoor Sketching » by Francis Hopkinson Smith
  • I would like to say that I have no fear of the odium of the designation of iconoclast.
  • Extract from : « Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 2, April 1906 » by Various
  • There is no iconoclast in the world like an extreme Mohammedan.
  • Extract from : « A Desert Drama » by A. Conan Doyle
  • There was nothing of the revolutionary or the iconoclast about him.
  • Extract from : « The Expositor's Bible: The Epistle to the Galatians » by G. G. Findlay
  • Oliver Cromwell wasn't as moral as Anabel is—nor such an iconoclast.
  • Extract from : « Touch and Go » by D. H. Lawrence
  • I was ordered to answer it; and opposed the Iconoclast to his Icon.
  • Extract from : « An Introduction to the Prose and Poetical Works of John Milton » by Hiram Corson
  • The iconoclast that is in the heart of this poet is rampant.
  • Extract from : « Egoists » by James Huneker
  • This gentle remonstrance only made the Iconoclast more furious.
  • Extract from : « Insula Sanctorum et Doctorum » by John Healy
  • Her husband had been Iconoclast, and he scourged those who would not receive his edict.
  • Extract from : « Constantinople » by William Holden Hutton
  • If one would act the part of iconoclast the question is, By what right?
  • Extract from : « Judges and Ruth » by Robert A. Watson

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