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Grammar : Noun
Spell : krest
Phonetic Transcription : krɛst

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Définition of crest

Origin :
  • early 14c., from Old French creste "tuft, comb" (Modern French crête), from Latin crista "tuft, plume," perhaps related to word for "hair" (e.g. crinis), but it also was used for crest of a cock or a helmet. Replaced Old English hris.
  • noun highest point
  • noun emblem, symbol
  • noun topknot on head of animal
Example sentences :
  • Yet if help were brought us we might hold the crest until it comes.
  • Extract from : « The White Company » by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • At the crest of it the woman halted and, turning, waved a handkerchief.
  • Extract from : « Fair Margaret » by H. Rider Haggard
  • Just look here, though,' I said, as I showed him the crest on my watch and seal.
  • Extract from : « Wilfrid Cumbermede » by George MacDonald
  • The crest is a bubble, and really the effect produced by it is most ludicrous.
  • Extract from : « Vivian Grey » by Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli
  • While he had been on the crest of the island an idea had come to him.
  • Extract from : « A Spirit in Prison » by Robert Hichens
  • She walked always slowly, always furtively, to the crest of the cliff.
  • Extract from : « A Spirit in Prison » by Robert Hichens
  • They went to the crest of the island and looked out over the sea.
  • Extract from : « A Spirit in Prison » by Robert Hichens
  • Even as they watched it, the sky seemed to descend upon the crest and to melt it.
  • Extract from : « Louisiana Lou » by William West Winter
  • Then he showed me the old ramparts that had defended the crest of the hill.
  • Extract from : « Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2) » by William Delisle Hay
  • At the crest he would have paused to take breath, but the driver would not let him.
  • Extract from : « Cy Whittaker's Place » by Joseph C. Lincoln

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