Synonyms for cabal

Grammar : Noun
Spell : kuh-bal
Phonetic Transcription : kəˈbæl

Définition of cabal

Origin :
  • 1520s, "mystical interpretation of the Old Testament," later "society, small group meeting privately" (1660s), from French cabal, in both senses, from Medieval Latin cabbala (see cabbala). Popularized in English 1673 as an acronym for five intriguing ministers of Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale), which gave the word its sinister connotations.
  • noun plot
Example sentences :
  • People denounced the Austrian cabal, and the queen as its centre.
  • Extract from : « Lectures on the French Revolution » by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
  • The political conspiracy developed into what is known in history as the "Cabal."
  • Extract from : « Lafayette » by Martha Foote Crow
  • By this plan several important ends are answered to the Cabal.
  • Extract from : « Thoughts on the Present Discontents » by Edmund Burke
  • As a foundation of their scheme, the Cabal have established a sort of Rota in the Court.
  • Extract from : « Thoughts on the Present Discontents » by Edmund Burke
  • Nor was this all: in London, there had already formed a cabal in favour of the Atheling.
  • Extract from : « Harold, Complete » by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Had she not seen that he was helpless in the hands of this cabal in his own household?
  • Extract from : « A Sappho of Green Springs » by Bret Harte
  • The cabal, however, prevailed, and that party in Parliament.
  • Extract from : « The Diary of John Evelyn, Volume II (of 2) » by John Evelyn
  • Some urged Adams to overthrow the Hamiltonian cabal which opposed him.
  • Extract from : « The Life of John Marshall (Volume 2 of 4) » by Albert J. Beveridge
  • From the initials of their names, this was called the king's cabal.
  • Extract from : « The Every Day Book of History and Chronology » by Joel Munsell
  • I will say that the gentleman himself is not of that cabal, and that his colleague is not.
  • Extract from : « Thirty Years' View (Vol. II of 2) » by Thomas Hart Benton

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