Synonyms for aptitude

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ap-ti-tood, -tyood
Phonetic Transcription : ˈæp tɪˌtud, -ˌtyud

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Définition of aptitude

Origin :
  • early 15c., "tendency, likelihood," from Middle French aptitude (14c.) or directly from Late Latin aptitudo (genitive aptitudinis) "fitness," noun of quality from Latin aptus "joined, fitted" (see apt). Meaning "natural capacity to learn" is 1540s; that of "quality of being fit (for a purpose or position)" is from 1640s.
  • noun inclination
  • noun quickness at learning
Example sentences :
  • He appeared to have no aptitude at all for the business of soap making.
  • Extract from : « The Age of Invention » by Holland Thompson
  • He had seized a sword from a dying hand and was wielding it with aptitude and power.
  • Extract from : « The Martian Cabal » by Roman Frederick Starzl
  • When Piloti became old enough he was taught the piano, for which he had aptitude.
  • Extract from : « Melomaniacs » by James Huneker
  • It substitutes an aptitude for what ought to be pure acquirement.
  • Extract from : « The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly » by Charles James Lever
  • It is doubtful if the Phoenicians possessed any aptitude for the arts.
  • Extract from : « The Legacy of Greece » by Various
  • She had no aptitude for aimlessness, and moreover thought it vulgar.
  • Extract from : « The Tragic Muse » by Henry James
  • She had the aptitude for the work and the means for thorough study.
  • Extract from : « Girls and Women » by Harriet E. Paine (AKA E. Chester}
  • For seven or eight years, he showed no desire nor aptitude to be anything else.
  • Extract from : « American Men of Mind » by Burton E. Stevenson
  • Of romance in him there was nothing left, while in her the aptitude for romance had only just been born.
  • Extract from : « Miss Mackenzie » by Anthony Trollope
  • Their eagerness and aptitude in learning to read surprises every one.
  • Extract from : « Letters from Port Royal » by Various

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