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Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : verb uh-fil-ee-eyt; noun uh-fil-ee-it, -eyt
Phonetic Transcription : verb əˈfɪl iˌeɪt; noun əˈfɪl i ɪt, -ˌeɪt

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Définition of affiliate

Origin :
  • 1761, from Latin affiliatus, past participle of affiliare "to adopt" (see affiliation). Outside legal use, always figurative. Related: Affiliated; affiliating.
  • noun organization that is associated with another
  • verb associate or be associated with a larger organization
Example sentences :
  • If we need help we can affiliate with America or even France.
  • Extract from : « Ireland as It Is » by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
  • But, do what we will we cannot affiliate, we cannot classify Heine.
  • Extract from : « William Sharp (Fiona Macleod) » by Elizabeth A. Sharp
  • There was an aloofness, a besides, that refused to affiliate himself with himself, even.
  • Extract from : « Concord Days » by A. Bronson Alcott
  • Should she be shut out of all these and affiliate with the wilderness of the New World?
  • Extract from : « A Little Girl in Old St. Louis » by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • The Egyptians are supposed to affiliate remotely with the Semitic family.
  • Extract from : « Ancient Society » by Lewis Henry Morgan
  • Young Abraham, however, did not affiliate and follow the example of his kin.
  • Extract from : « Abraham Lincoln's Religion » by Madison Clinton Peters
  • You want to affiliate with her, to be one of her set, her surroundings, her monde.
  • Extract from : « The Adventures of a Widow » by Edgar Fawcett
  • "Well, he is old enough to affiliate somewhere," the farmer said, crisply.
  • Extract from : « The Cottage of Delight » by Will N. Harben
  • There is something about a fish that does not affiliate with fact.
  • Extract from : « The Tent Dwellers » by Albert Bigelow Paine
  • "We should not affiliate with either," said the shoemaker tersely.
  • Extract from : « Snnica » by Vicente Blasco Ibez

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