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Grammar : Verb
Spell : ak-tuh-veyt
Phonetic Transcription : ˈæk təˌveɪt

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Définition of activate

Origin :
  • 1620s; see active + -ate (2). Related: Activated; activating.
  • verb initiate something; start a function
Example sentences :
  • It seemed to activate some hidden response in her, for she glowed with tenderness.
  • Extract from : « Martians Never Die » by Lucius Daniel
  • And, remember, if it becomes necessary, I can activate the manacle.
  • Extract from : « The Players » by Everett B. Cole
  • Feedback will be to a master control servo that'll activate the heater or cooler.
  • Extract from : « Question of Comfort » by Les Collins
  • The males are few in number and lack the power to activate the disks.
  • Extract from : « Storm Over Warlock » by Andre Norton
  • It could be induced to go into action and to activate the other plasmoids.
  • Extract from : « Legacy » by James H Schmitz
  • Furiously, he tried to summon some tiny bit of energy to activate the distorter.
  • Extract from : « The Weakling » by Everett B. Cole
  • We could press the button to activate the exercise mechanisms in our bunks.
  • Extract from : « Perfect Control » by Richard Stockham
  • When she was finished Rynason nodded for her to activate the linkage.
  • Extract from : « Warlord of Kor » by Terry Gene Carr
  • He had not the slightest idea of how to activate the machines, let alone broadcast in the proper code.
  • Extract from : « Storm Over Warlock » by Andre Norton
  • A source of neutrons to activate the material and a gamma-ray spectrometer to measure the radiation from the material afterwards.
  • Extract from : « The Atomic Fingerprint » by Bernard Keisch

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