Synonyms for accounts

Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-kount
Phonetic Transcription : əˈkaʊnt

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Définition of accounts

Origin :
  • c.1300, "reckoning of money received and paid," from Old French acont "account, reckoning, terminal payment," from a "to" (see ad-) + cont "counting, reckoning of money to be paid," from Late Latin computus "a calculation," from Latin computare "calculate" (see compute).
  • Meaning "sum of (one's) money in a bank" is from 1833. Sense of "narration" is first attested 1610s. Plural accounts used as a collective or singular in phrases such as to give accounts (of something), is from mid-13c. Phrase by all accounts is attested from 1798.
  • noun written description of past events
  • noun record of finances, fees, or charges
  • noun basis or consideration for action
Example sentences :
  • Wonderful are the accounts he brings of that far-off world, where his spirit wanders.
  • Extract from : « Philothea » by Lydia Maria Child
  • His accounts being found correct, he went on with his speculations.
  • Extract from : « Brave and Bold » by Horatio Alger
  • This accounts for his ability to get through in one day more than most people do in a week.
  • Extract from : « The Grand Old Man » by Richard B. Cook
  • He found only Mortimer, who had remained late over his accounts.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • Then let us go with the accounts to Mr. Palmer, who is also ready, I am sure.
  • Extract from : « Tales And Novels, Volume 5 (of 10) » by Maria Edgeworth
  • I went but by the accounts I had received from Mr. Beaufort.
  • Extract from : « Night and Morning, Complete » by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • I will just look into my accounts, and use you without ceremony.
  • Extract from : « Alice, or The Mysteries, Complete » by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • But you can tell me so much more about them than I can tell you, that why should I tire you with my accounts and descriptions?
  • Extract from : « Little Dorrit » by Charles Dickens
  • Not that I found 'em heavy; I don't mention 'em on that accounts; far from it.
  • Extract from : « Little Dorrit » by Charles Dickens
  • "Ah, that accounts for it," murmured the journalist, without looking up.
  • Extract from : « The Slave Of The Lamp » by Henry Seton Merriman
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