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Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-kad-uh-mee
Phonetic Transcription : əˈkæd ə mi

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Définition of academy

Origin :
  • late 15c., "the classical Academy," from French Académie, from Latin Academia, from Greek Akademeia "grove of Akademos," a legendary Athenian of the Trojan War tales (his name apparently means "of a silent district"), whose estate, six stadia from Athens, was the enclosure where Plato taught his school.
  • The A[cademy], the Garden, the Lyceum, the Porch, the Tub, are names used for the five chief schools of Greek philosophy, their founders, adherents, & doctrines: the A., Plato, the Platonists & Platonism; the Garden, Epicurus, the Epicureans, & Epicureanism; the Lyceum, Aristotle, the Aristotelians, & Aristotelianism; the Porch, Zeno, the Stoics, & Stoicism; the Tub, Antisthenes, the Cynics, & Cynicism. [Fowler]
  • Sense broadened 16c. into "any school or training place." Academy awards (1941) so called for their distributor, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • noun school, especially for higher education
  • noun society or institution interested in learning
Example sentences :
  • What the paper tells us is that the Academy had not engaged Buononcini for the coming season.
  • Extract from : « Handel » by Edward J. Dent
  • It is probable that Handel himself had contributed to the downfall of the Academy.
  • Extract from : « Handel » by Edward J. Dent
  • "She'd have to go to an academy first to get fitten for it," said Ma.
  • Extract from : « The Bacillus of Beauty » by Harriet Stark
  • And as he spoke, Cano dashed his statue to pieces on the pavement of the academy.
  • Extract from : « Tales And Novels, Volume 9 (of 10) » by Maria Edgeworth
  • I want, sir, if you please, to be admitted to draw at the Academy.
  • Extract from : « Self-Help » by Samuel Smiles
  • That practised by the "hanging committee" of the Academy of Design.
  • Extract from : « Punchinello, Vol. 1, Issue 10, Saturday, June 4, 1870 » by Various
  • They might have learned more about Mrs. Myers if not the Academy.
  • Extract from : « St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. V, August, 1878, No 10. » by Various
  • This action of Congress is a pendant to the Academy of Sciences.
  • Extract from : « Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863 » by Adam Gurowski
  • He was either newly out of their academy or insultingly confident.
  • Extract from : « Dogfight--1973 » by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • I hadn't gone to the academy, but this was no handicap to my finding the letter.
  • Extract from : « Arm of the Law » by Harry Harrison
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