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Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-buhn-duhns
Phonetic Transcription : əˈbʌn dəns

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Définition of abundance

Origin :
  • mid-14c., from Old French abondance and directly from Latin abundantia "fullness, plenty," noun of state from abundantem (nominative abundans), present participle of abundare "to overflow" (see abound).
  • noun great amount or supply
Example sentences :
  • There was abundance of water on the surface in the hollows of the sand-hills.
  • Extract from : « Explorations in Australia » by John Forrest
  • The more we are freed from fear the more exultantly we feel our abundance of life.
  • Extract from : « The Conquest of Fear » by Basil King
  • There was, as Yates afterward remarked, "abundance, and plenty of it."
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • Here are children in abundance, and what benefit could have accrued to me from his purchasing Vernon?
  • Extract from : « Lady Susan » by Jane Austen
  • The charm that held us to this rough place was the abundance of game.
  • Extract from : « A Woman Tenderfoot » by Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson
  • He asked only that, out of the abundance on the table, his bag might be filled.
  • Extract from : « Welsh Fairy Tales » by William Elliott Griffis
  • There was also a large supply of gunpowder, ball, and shot, and coal and wood in abundance.
  • Extract from : « The Field of Ice » by Jules Verne
  • Shell ore, block ore, and limestone also exist in abundance.
  • Extract from : « Cleveland Past and Present » by Maurice Joblin
  • They are, however, capable of supplying at least 300,000 inhabitants with abundance of water.
  • Extract from : « Cleveland Past and Present » by Maurice Joblin
  • Liu I looked about him: all the jewels known to earth were there in abundance.
  • Extract from : « The Chinese Fairy Book » by Various

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