Antonyms for unrobed

Grammar : Adj
Spell : uhn-rohb
Phonetic Transcription : ʌnˈroʊb

Definition of unrobed

  • As in bare : adj without clothing
Example sentences :
  • He was unrobed, and was none the better for it in appearance.
  • Extract from : « A Tale of Two Cities » by Charles Dickens
  • Father—— appears, is unrobed, and takes me to the gallery of the church, near the organ.
  • Extract from : « To Cuba and Back » by Richard Henry Dana
  • By now the canons had unrobed, and several strolled about the court in the sun, smoking cigarettes.
  • Extract from : « The Land of The Blessed Virgin; Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia » by William Somerset Maugham
  • That the unrobed guest was guilty of neglect, intentional disrespect, or some more grievous offense, is plain from the context.
  • Extract from : « Jesus the Christ » by James Edward Talmage
  • Then he returned slowly to the sacristy, unrobed, and gave orders that all the doors of the church should be shut.
  • Extract from : « Vayenne » by Percy Brebner
  • With her was the priestess Papave, who had just unrobed her of the royal mantle which she wore in the Sanctuary.
  • Extract from : « Ayesha » by H. Rider Haggard

Synonyms for unrobed

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