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Grammar : Adv
Spell : ob-vee-uhs
Phonetic Transcription : ˈɒb vi əs

Definition of obviously

Origin :
  • 1580s, "frequently met with," from Latin obvius "that is in the way, presenting itself readily, open, exposed, commonplace," from obviam (adv.) "in the way," from ob "against" (see ob-) + viam, accusative of via "way" (see via). Meaning "plain to see, evident" is first recorded 1630s. Related: Obviously; obviousness.
  • adv unmistakably
Example sentences :
  • Obviously there had been no serious quarrel between the brothers.
  • Extract from : « Viviette » by William J. Locke
  • All these stories are obviously alike, but we judge them very differently.
  • Extract from : « A Theological-Political Treatise [Part II] » by Benedict of Spinoza
  • In this the Man of Taste is obviously following the reigning fashion.
  • Extract from : « De Libris: Prose and Verse » by Austin Dobson
  • "This is obviously a conundrum," said Yates, ticking off the items on his four fingers.
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • To run straight, the axes of all the wheels must obviously be parallel.
  • Extract from : « Scientific American Supplement, No. 447, July 26, 1884 » by Various
  • His worship was elaborately civil but obviously troubled in mind.
  • Extract from : « Camps, Quarters and Casual Places » by Archibald Forbes
  • It was obviously unreasonable, the mere cry of exaggerated grief.
  • Extract from : « The Secret Agent » by Joseph Conrad
  • Obviously it is the public which ought to have public spirit.
  • Extract from : « Alarms and Discursions » by G. K. Chesterton
  • Obviously, a public building is meant to impress the public.
  • Extract from : « Alarms and Discursions » by G. K. Chesterton
  • That is the right thing to say when it cannot be helped, and it obviously isn't for the best.
  • Extract from : « Roden's Corner » by Henry Seton Merriman

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