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Grammar : Noun

Definition of nursery rhyme

  • As in rhyme : noun poetry in which lines end with like sounds
Example sentences :
  • What is the secret of the nursery rhyme's appeal to children?
  • Extract from : « Children's Literature » by Charles Madison Curry
  • This is no nursery rhyme, but it is a very important parable.
  • Extract from : « Why we should read » by S. P. B. Mais
  • The nursery rhyme is the novel and light reading of the infant scholar.
  • Extract from : « The Nursery Rhymes of England » by Various
  • One is reminded of the nursery rhyme,—‘the dish it ran after the spoon’.
  • Extract from : « Cock Lane and Common-Sense » by Andrew Lang
  • To propose in a nursery rhyme was something that shocked his sense of fitness.
  • Extract from : « Out of the Ashes » by Ethel Watts Mumford
  • It was very popular in his day, and the nursery rhyme of Who killed Cock robin?
  • Extract from : « Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Volume I (of 3) » by Thomas Percy
  • His mother's cupboard was never known to be in the condition of Old Mother Hubbard's, described in the nursery rhyme.
  • Extract from : « Si Klegg, Book 1 (of 6) » by John McElroy
  • So the Blue Lady held one hot hand in hers, and sitting on the side of the cot sang many a nursery rhyme.
  • Extract from : « Tommy Tregennis » by Mary Elizabeth Phillips
  • In the innermost part of all poetry is the nursery rhyme,417 the nonsense that is too happy even to care about being nonsensical.
  • Extract from : « The London Mercury, Vol. I, Nos. 1-6, November 1919 to April 1920 » by Various
  • Verse quotations may be taken from a well-known poem, a popular song, a nursery rhyme, or even doggerel verse.
  • Extract from : « How To Write Special Feature Articles » by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer

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