Antonyms for nudge

Grammar : Verb
Spell : nuhj
Phonetic Transcription : nʌdʒ

Definition of nudge

Origin :
  • "to push slightly with the elbow," 1670s, perhaps from Scandinavian (cf. Norwegian nugge, nyggje "to jostle, rub;" Icelandic nugga "to rub, massage"). Related: Nudged; nudging.
  • verb bump, elbow
Example sentences :
  • Giving Jean, who was beside him, a nudge with his elbow, he asked what they were to do there.
  • Extract from : « The Downfall » by Emile Zola
  • At a nudge from his captors, Dr. Bird took his place in the craft.
  • Extract from : « The Great Drought » by Sterner St. Paul Meek
  • I nudge Wurpz and Zahooli as the Neofeuhrer goes over to converse with his crew.
  • Extract from : « Operation Earthworm » by Joe Archibald
  • John Splendid, at my side, gave me with his knee the least nudge on the leg next him.
  • Extract from : « John Splendid » by Neil Munro
  • Olimpia needed no nudge from the Captain to tell her who this noble rider might be.
  • Extract from : « Little Novels of Italy » by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • They could giggle, and nudge and comment like girls together, and did.
  • Extract from : « Gigolo » by Edna Ferber
  • That second nudge from the other side must be Togi's bid for attention.
  • Extract from : « Storm Over Warlock » by Andre Norton
  • Then comes the giggles, and business with the elbows of passin' the nudge along.
  • Extract from : « Torchy » by Sewell Ford
  • Then he gives me a nudge, juggles his deflectors, and down we shoots.
  • Extract from : « Torchy, Private Sec. » by Sewell Ford
  • But we're no sooner out of the office than I gives him the nudge.
  • Extract from : « Torchy and Vee » by Sewell Ford

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