Antonyms for noner

Grammar : Adj
Spell : nuhn
Phonetic Transcription : nʌn

Definition of noner

Origin :
  • Old English nan (pron.) "not one, not any," from ne "not" (see no) + an "one" (see one). Cognate with Old Saxon, Middle Low German nen, Old Norse neinn, Middle Dutch, Dutch neen, Old High German, German nein "no," and analogous to Latin non- (see non-). As an adverb from c.1200. As an adjective, since c.1600 reduced to no except in a few archaic phrases, especially before vowels, such as none other, none the worse.
  • As in nil : adj nonexistent
Example sentences :
  • Noner ma wife's frien's ner noner ma frien's 'll come near ma res'dence.
  • Extract from : « The Monster and Other Stories » by Stephen Crane
  • Yas'm, I know I is, but dar wan' noner dese yer signs dat I see now.
  • Extract from : « The Builders » by Ellen Glasgow

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