Antonyms for non-observance

Grammar : Noun
Spell : non-uh b-zur-vuh ns
Phonetic Transcription : ˌnɒn əbˈzɜr vəns

Definition of non-observance

  • As in insubordination : noun disobedience
  • As in violation : noun breach; breaking of the law
  • As in breach : noun violation of a law
  • As in delinquency : noun misconduct
  • As in disobedience : noun misbehavior; noncompliance with rules
Example sentences :
  • It was not a censure of the Society for its non-observance of poverty.
  • Extract from : « The Jesuits, 1534-1921 » by Thomas J. Campbell
  • The euphony and beauty of the language would in a great measure be destroyed by non-observance of this rule.
  • Extract from : « The International Auxiliary Language Esperanto » by George Cox
  • We have seen how the decline of the art of singing had to follow as a necessary consequence the non-observance of these laws.
  • Extract from : « The Voice in Singing » by Emma Seiler
  • In the Reichstag of Speyer, 1570, complaints were made of the universal loss arising from the non-observance of the edict.
  • Extract from : « The History of Currency, 1252 to 1896 » by William Arthur Shaw
  • Moreover, the non-observance of an appointed fast was visited with a heavy fine.
  • Extract from : « Bygone Church Life in Scotland » by Various
  • From these we would be compelled to take orders which meant blind and military obedience under penalty for the non-observance.
  • Extract from : « The Demands of Rome » by Elizabeth Schoffen
  • But I can give a fair parallel to the Greek non-observance of a convention in the Irish epic cycles.
  • Extract from : « The World of Homer » by Andrew Lang
  • The Sabbath was passed here, but its observance or non-observance is like that common in Continental cities.
  • Extract from : « Due West » by Maturin Murray Ballou
  • This agrees with the statement that observance of the festival produced plenty; non-observance, dearth.
  • Extract from : « The Religion of the Ancient Celts » by J. A. MacCulloch
  • No doubt it was a necessary precaution—the non-observance of which would have led to many a scene of blood over the gaming-table.
  • Extract from : « The Quadroon » by Mayne Reid

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