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Grammar : Noun
Spell : nir-vah-nuh, -van-uh, ner-
Phonetic Transcription : nɪrˈvɑ nə, -ˈvæn ə, nər-

Definition of nirvana

Origin :
  • 1836, from Sanskrit nirvana-s "extinction, disappearance" (of the individual soul into the universal), literally "to blow out, a blowing out" ("not transitively, but as a fire ceases to draw;" a literal Latinization would be de-spiration), from nis-, nir- "out" + va- "to blow" (see wind (n.1)). Figurative sense of "perfect bliss" is from 1895.
  • noun enlightenment
Example sentences :
  • And because the Buddha had reached heaven (Nirvana), it would be useless to pray to him.
  • Extract from : « The Soul of a People » by H. Fielding
  • This is Nirvana, the end to which we must all strive, the only end that there can be to the trouble of the world.
  • Extract from : « The Soul of a People » by H. Fielding
  • They are transient things, I yearn for the Immortal state, Nirvana.
  • Extract from : « The Buddha » by Paul Carus
  • Nirvana is attained when passions are Extinct and when the heart is blessed with peace.
  • Extract from : « The Buddha » by Paul Carus
  • Earnestness is the path of immortality (Nirvana), thoughtlessness the path of death.
  • Extract from : « The Dhammapada » by Unknown
  • He is the captain the Vose line fired off the Nirvana three years ago.
  • Extract from : « Blow The Man Down » by Holman Day
  • And that which is sufficient unto a man is Nirvana unto him—if he but knew it.
  • Extract from : « Opportunities in Engineering » by Charles M. Horton
  • Surely we have reached the peace and silence of Nirvana at last!
  • Extract from : « Through the Malay Archipelago » by Emily Richings
  • Or, indeed, any of these rather than the blank of Nirvana or the life of a vegetable?
  • Extract from : « Progress and History » by Various
  • He has entered into Nirvana, and has passed out of conscious existence.
  • Extract from : « A Tour of the Missions » by Augustus Hopkins Strong

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