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Grammar : Noun
Spell : nik
Phonetic Transcription : nɪk

Definition of nicked

Origin :
  • 1520s, "to make a notch in," from nick (n.). Sense of "to steal" is from 1869, probably from earlier slang sense of "to catch, take unawares, arrest" (1620s). The precise sense connection is unclear. Related: Nicked; nicking.
  • noun chip, scratch
Example sentences :
  • The third man threw three nicked surfaces, and took the pool.
  • Extract from : « Despair's Last Journey » by David Christie Murray
  • I nicked him on one wrist, and had to duck to escape his wild swing at my head.
  • Extract from : « Out Around Rigel » by Robert H. Wilson
  • Maquoit was a straggling hamlet at the head of a cove which nicked the coast-line.
  • Extract from : « Blow The Man Down » by Holman Day
  • Had the dainty Glory in all her life eaten from a nicked plate?
  • Extract from : « Glory and the Other Girl » by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  • Being bent and nicked, the precision of the apparatus was destroyed.
  • Extract from : « Space Platform » by Murray Leinster
  • No, Matt had the nicked cup, and he had certainly put the poison in the nicked cup.
  • Extract from : « When God Laughs and Other Stories » by Jack London
  • The sides of the stem are nicked or filed out like saw-teeth.
  • Extract from : « The Silent Readers » by William D. Lewis
  • The leaves be long, and nicked in the edges like to the precedent.
  • Extract from : « The Peaches of New York » by U. P. Hedrick
  • Whenever a piece is nicked, cracked, or broken she should report it at once.
  • Extract from : « The Expert Maid-Servant » by Cristine Terhune Herrick
  • Hanged if the horse didn't win, with a stone in hand, and I was nicked.
  • Extract from : « London's Heart » by B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon

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