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Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : net-wurk
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɛtˌwɜrk

Definition of network

Origin :
  • "net-like arrangement of threads, wires, etc.," 1550s, from net (n.) + work (n.). Extended sense of "any complex, interlocking system" is from 1839 (originally in reference to transport by rivers, canals, and railways). Meaning "broadcasting system of multiple transmitters" is from 1914; sense of "interconnected group of people" is from 1947.
  • noun system of connections
  • verb to socialize for professional or personal gain
Example sentences :
  • The presents which they sent to our General, were feathers, and cauls of network.
  • Extract from : « Sir Francis Drake's Famous Voyage Round the World » by Francis Pretty
  • His existence was becoming a network of great and little details.
  • Extract from : « Alexander's Bridge and The Barrel Organ » by Willa Cather and Alfred Noyes
  • A slim vane turned with the wind, a network of rods atop a high pole.
  • Extract from : « The Gun » by Philip K. Dick
  • In the network of crooked channels no white man could find his way.
  • Extract from : « Almayer's Folly » by Joseph Conrad
  • What network of crime and mystery is this that is thrown around him?
  • Extract from : « A War-Time Wooing » by Charles King
  • It was like the sea round whose shores its network of city-states was strung.
  • Extract from : « The Legacy of Greece » by Various
  • Sanctuaries must have covered the Euphrates Valley like a network.
  • Extract from : « The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria » by Morris Jastrow
  • The soil of Africa held him prisoner in a network of forests and lianas.
  • Extract from : « From Pole to Pole » by Sven Anders Hedin
  • Caught in a network of intrigue, fear at last forced Ercole to yield.
  • Extract from : « Lucretia Borgia » by Ferdinand Gregorovius
  • Once into that network, he would know exactly where he was heading.
  • Extract from : « Anything You Can Do ... » by Gordon Randall Garrett

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