Antonyms for neglectful

Grammar : Adj
Spell : ni-glekt-fuhl
Phonetic Transcription : nɪˈglɛkt fəl

Definition of neglectful

Origin :
  • 1640s, from neglect + -ful. Related: Neglectfully; neglectfulness. Earlier in same sense was neglective (1610s).
  • adj careless, failing
Example sentences :
  • Really, Dan, it is extraordinary how neglectful of me that child can sometimes be.
  • Extract from : « The Inn at the Red Oak » by Latta Griswold
  • Was there any human father who could be so callous, so neglectful, so cruel, as that?
  • Extract from : « The Woman Thou Gavest Me » by Hall Caine
  • I felt impatient and decided to give her a scolding for being so neglectful.
  • Extract from : « A Waif of the Mountains » by Edward S. Ellis
  • Mr. Soames, a man of experience, scented an intrigue and a neglectful husband.
  • Extract from : « The Yellow Claw » by Sax Rohmer
  • Not only the siege orphans, but so many who have sick or neglectful mothers.
  • Extract from : « The Dop Doctor » by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  • And for that very reason they are often neglectful of the last but one.
  • Extract from : « What I Saw in America » by G. K. Chesterton
  • “If that is so it is rather a pity that she was recently so neglectful,” I said.
  • Extract from : « The Seven Secrets » by William Le Queux
  • But why are we all of us so neglectful of Inner cleanliness and so careful of Outer?
  • Extract from : « Intestinal Ills » by Alcinous Burton Jamison
  • Yet, what cares Tom for scolding or anything else, he who is so neglectful of duty?
  • Extract from : « The Royal Picture Alphabet » by Luke Limner
  • It was not only that the public was neglectful, unappreciative.
  • Extract from : « The History of "Punch" » by M. H. Spielmann

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