Antonyms for near and far

Grammar : Adv
Spell : fahr
Phonetic Transcription : fɑr

Definition of near and far

Origin :
  • Old English feorr "far, remote, distant, to a great distance, long ago," from Proto-Germanic *ferro (cf. Old Saxon ferr, Old Frisian fer, Old Norse fjarre, Dutch ver, Old High German ferro, German fern, Gothic fairra), from PIE *per- "through, across, beyond" (cf. Sanskrit parah "farther, remote, ulterior," Hittite para "outside of," Greek pera "across, beyond," Latin per "through," Old Irish ire "farther"). Far East "China, Japan, and surrounding regions" is from 1838.
  • As in far and wide : adv over great distances
  • As in everywhere : adv in all places

Synonyms for near and far

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