Antonyms for nauseate

Grammar : Verb
Spell : naw-zee-eyt, -zhee-, -see-, -shee-
Phonetic Transcription : ˈnɔ ziˌeɪt, -ʒi-, -si-, -ʃi-

Definition of nauseate

Origin :
  • 1630s, "to feel sick, to become affected with nausea," from nauseat- past participle stem of Latin nauseare "to feel seasick, to vomit," also "to cause disgust," from nausea (see nausea). Related: Nauseated; nauseating; nauseatingly. In its early life it also had transitive senses of "to reject (food, etc.) with a feeling of nausea" (1640s) and "to create a loathing in, to cause nausea" (1650s). Careful writers use nauseated for "sick at the stomach" and reserve nauseous (q.v.) for "sickening to contemplate."
  • verb make sick; disgust
Example sentences :
  • All of us have tasted or smelled certain foods or medicines that nauseate us.
  • Extract from : « A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis » by Melvin Powers
  • I abhor sin, I loathe and nauseate thereat; most of all at my own.
  • Extract from : « Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 2 (of 3) » by Theodore Parker
  • It works quicker and does not nauseate when the stomach is empty.
  • Extract from : « The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I. (of IV.) » by W. Grant Hague, M.D.
  • The heat and the smell and the surging motion began to nauseate Stella.
  • Extract from : « Big Timber » by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • People who nauseate, if taken seriously, are used as the excuse for various farcical situations.
  • Extract from : « Ainslee's magazine, Volume 16, No. 3, October, 1905 » by Various
  • Be careful to observe the rule that if remedy should nauseate cease giving for twelve or twenty-four hours.
  • Extract from : « New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers » by Various
  • Samuel Johnson commands our admiration, at least in his matured style: but we nauseate his followers.
  • Extract from : « A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) » by Augustus de Morgan
  • I do not wish to nauseate you with the revolting particulars of a landsman's initiation to the ocean.
  • Extract from : « The Rural Magazine, and Literary Evening Fire-Side » by Various
  • In the dryest, the largest, the best of them there is everything to debase the manhood and nauseate the soul.
  • Extract from : « McClure's Magazine, January, 1896, Vol. VI. No. 2 » by Various
  • Methinks, a Smithfield Match is so very ridiculous, that it might nauseate a half-witted Courtier.
  • Extract from : « The Levellers » by Anonymous

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