Antonyms for myopic

Grammar : Adj
Spell : mahy-op-ik, -oh-pik
Phonetic Transcription : maɪˈɒp ɪk, -ˈoʊ pɪk

Definition of myopic

Origin :
  • "short-sighted," 1800, from myopia + -ic. Figurative use from 1891. Related: Myopical (1748); myopically.
  • adj able only to see things near at hand
Example sentences :
  • Fire flashed from his myopic eyes, which had exempted him from service with the army.
  • Extract from : « The Downfall » by Emile Zola
  • I had to save the day by answering that I was glad to be myopic just now.
  • Extract from : « Riviera Towns » by Herbert Adams Gibbons
  • He observed her; sparks glinted in the myopic eyes of this extraordinary woman.
  • Extract from : « L-bas » by J. K. Huysmans
  • For they are simply short-sighted trustful people, the myopic victims of the salesman and saleswoman.
  • Extract from : « Certain Personal Matters » by H. G. Wells
  • Vague and myopic between their puckered lids, his eyes seemed lost, homeless, unhappy.
  • Extract from : « Mortal Coils » by Aldous Huxley
  • Thus it happens frequently in divergent strabismus, when one eye is myopic, the other emmetropic.
  • Extract from : « Schweigger on Squint » by C. Schweigger
  • For near objects the myopic eye is used without accommodation and therefore also without convergent strabismus of the right.
  • Extract from : « Schweigger on Squint » by C. Schweigger
  • But the myopic leaders of the Athenian state could not see salvation in intelligence, they could only see it in hemlock.
  • Extract from : « Philosophy and The Social Problem » by Will Durant
  • The point of view is too myopic, too tight and close to take in the inductive argument.
  • Extract from : « Essays in Radical Empiricism » by William James
  • Therefore her thoughts and arguments were myopic, almost necessarily specious.
  • Extract from : « Children of the Whirlwind » by Leroy Scott

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