Antonyms for muss up

Grammar : Verb
Spell : muhs
Phonetic Transcription : mʌs

Definition of muss up

Origin :
  • "to make untidy," 1837, probably a variant of mess in its sense of "disorder." Earlier (1830) as a noun meaning "disturbance." Related: Mussed; mussing.
  • As in rumple : verb crush, wrinkle
  • As in soil : verb make dirty
  • As in confuse : verb mix up; involve
  • As in disorder : verb mix up, disarrange
Example sentences :
  • It will muss up reception some, but it will probably be better than direct, at that.
  • Extract from : « Spacehounds of IPC » by Edward Elmer Smith
  • Boy—Keep the nippers on 'em, Casey, or they'll muss up the shop!
  • Extract from : « Six One-Act Plays » by Margaret Scott Oliver
  • Because I'm housekeeper, it doesn't rest on me to keep everything in perfect order, when you all help to muss up.
  • Extract from : « Six Girls » by Fannie Belle Irving
  • Only in this case, as I didn't want to muss up the room, I used bits of paper.
  • Extract from : « Dick Hamilton's Fortune » by Howard R. Garis
  • Steve, consider the hand taken and shook, because I've enough grime to muss up a regiment.
  • Extract from : « Highways in Hiding » by George Oliver Smith
  • The boss-lady was welcome at any time, but woe to the others who tried to muss up his kitchen.
  • Extract from : « The Adventure Girls at K Bar O » by Clair Blank
  • But say, that muss up you reckon I made doesn't look that way when you know the things it's taught me.
  • Extract from : « The Man in the Twilight » by Ridgwell Cullum
  • It's just circumstances pitched you into the muss up, and let you see the thing your folks have brought about.
  • Extract from : « The Man in the Twilight » by Ridgwell Cullum
  • The Germans were trying to muss up the batteries just behind us, and a torrent of shells was now falling.
  • Extract from : « Huts in Hell » by Daniel A. Poling
  • To begin with, we will muss up her room on the night of the next show Miss Deans crowd give.
  • Extract from : « Marjorie Dean, College Senior » by Pauline Lester

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